Zeroshell System Requirements

Minimum Computer System Specifications

Processor: Pentium I 233Mhz or equivalent
Memory: 96 Megabyte of RAM
Storage: CD-ROM Optical Drive or Compact Flash or Hard Disk Drive
Network: 2 LAN/WLAN Interfaces (These can be Add-On Cards, Integrated, or USB Devices)
Internet Connection that is to be shared


While the minimum processor is a Pentium I 233Mhz. If you have a network consisting of a lot of devices/people and provide alot of services a Pentium I may not be able to handle the workload. Please keep this in mind when choosing your hardware. Even a Pentium III would give you a lot more power and responsiveness. Also having more RAM will keep Zeroshell from swapping and slowing down. Keep this in mind also.

While version 1 only required 512mb to 1gb of space, Version 2 and aboves images are 2GB images. Only the ISO version is sized smaller to fit on a CD. So it is recommended to have at least 2GB of space available.

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