Which Zeroshell to get

Where to get

Zeroshell Downloads Page

Which one to get

Which Version

If you are new to Zeroshell please always obtain the latest version.
If you are a current user of Zeroshell and use an older version, please upgrade to the latest version unless you need to stay with your current platform.


USB Device like Compact Flash, Thumb Drive, or similar devices: Download the IMG version
Optical Drives: The ISO version

Hard Disk Installation

  • Starting in Version 2 with a subscription and Version 3 or higher, You can use the Installation Manager when booting from a live device. If you plan on Installing this in a Virtual Machine or booting from an CD-Drive to install it to the hard drive. Download the ISO Version
  • For everything else please download the IMG Version
  • Version 1 and Version 2 without a subscription does not support direct Hard Drive installation and must be written directly to the Disk like an USB Device.
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