Multiple Dsl Connections

This page was written from a Zeroshell Release 1.0.beta12 perspective.

If you have multiple DSL connections and want to set up Weighted Routing and/or Failover, here's how to do it-

NOTE: You need 1 ethernet port for your LAN connection and a separate ethernet interface for each of your incoming DSL connections. (AT the time of this writing Zeroshell will only handle 4 ethernet interfaces).

1) Log into each of your DSL modems and set them into BRIDGE MODE (meaning they just pass the signal through and PPPoE authentication is handled by the router).

NOTE: All of the DSL modems that I have seen have this feature. If your modem doesn't, go online and find a Speedstream 4100 (they are cheap and plentiful).

2) Start Zeroshell and from the console screen, set up your LAN ethernet interface.

3) Open a web-browser (on another machine) and browse to your Zeroshell box.

4) Add your PPP connections-

  • SETUP → NETWORK → NEW PPPOE → add DSL connection #1 info.
  • NEW PPPOE → add DSL connection #2 info.

5) Check STATUS box. (You might want to make sure that MODE says: LOAD BALANCING AND FAILOVER).

6) Turn on FAILOVER-

  • Change IMCP FAILOVER CHECKING to enable
  • add an EXTERNAL IP address (that your machine can ping) into one of the FAILOVER IP ADDRESSES boxes. (I personally used my provider's DNS IP).

7) Hit the SAVE button.

Your Zeroshell box should now be working.

NOTE: Some websites that require logins may not work with load balancing.

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